Don’t let packages rule your pantry-get involved with your food! Take a shot at growing, gathering, and cooking up foods you usually buy.  In other words make feeding your self and your family healthy food a do-it-yourself project.  Going on a DIYet is a great way to learn about nutrition, save a little cash, gain control over what goes in your mouth, and have fun.


DIYet: dee-eye-why-et (noun) 1. the habit of creating edible substances from the most basic elements possible 2. the foods resulting from this habit 3.  culinary alchemy


Mollynda McArthur earned a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College in 2001, where she discovered that primary sources and first hand experience are the very best teachers.  Later, she discovered the Maker Movement– a culture based on the motto “Love the machine, hate the factory”. She also completed a masters’ degree in nutrition at Framingham State University in 2013. While there, she learned that people eat better when they understand what food is and where it comes from. All these influences were carefully distilled into this very blog, which she created as part of a class on using technology in nutrition. Enjoy, friends!

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