It’s the Berries! (2012 garden, part 1)

On a chilly Bay State February morning, snow flurries grayed the sky.  Also, some guy dumped a huge box on my doorstep.  I had been expecting the corrugated metal strips, the bird net, the frost cover, and some “free gift” seeds and bulbs.  I was not expecting the 50 bare-root Ozark Beauty strawberry crowns.  After a call to the company, I placed my delicate little berrylings in a cabinet in my basement laundry room.  Two and a half  months later, I dug this pit.

This is a pit I dug. Note the large pile of rocks to the right.
This is the pile of rocks next to my ladies size 6.5 sneaker. Just for perspective.

One month after that, my darling husband (who has two green thumbs and eight green fingers!) planted the stringy brown crowns.  Two weeks later this happened.  HOORAY!  We have strawberries on the way.

Here is the Strawberry tower full of topsoil, composted manure and a couple weeks after the crowns were planted. Note the rocks are still there.
The best feature of the tower is the incorporated sprinkler.
Already we have flowers! I’m so excited for the years of berry yummies to come.

So…anyone have a suggested use for a pile of rocks?