I’m Going Sprout- Part 3

It is day three of my adventure in bean sprouting. So far the beans have been soaked and left in the dark with occasional rinsing/draining. So, what exactly am I waiting for? In a word- germination. The original beans were sitting dry and dormant. The addition of water sparked a series of biochemical reactions that…actually Indiana University has explained it better than I can. Check out their Plantmotion page.

So a combination of water, temperature, light and air exposure wake up the dormant beans. Now think about that for a minute- the dry beans in your pantry, the trumpet vine seeds in an envelope on your desk that you’re going to plant next month, the seed you just spit out of that grape- are dormant, not dead. They are all alive. If they were not living they could not sprout into plants. Let that sink in for a minute.

Bonzai will ponder this truth with you.

Bonzai will ponder this truth with you.

So far my beans look pretty much the same as they did after their initial soak. However, there are chemical reactions taking place within and I’m hoping I’ll see results soon. There will be pictures when things start happening. Thanks for following this DIYet project of mine, and I hope you are inspired to give it a try!