Not So Bad

So we never did catch that woodchuck. Correction- our exterminator caught the mommy wood chuck, but she worked her way out of the trap. However, since she now knows that our yard is unsafe for woodchucks it is likely she has found another garage to live under. Plans are being made to reduce the attractiveness of our yard to such unwanted residents.

I spent this week taking stock of what is left in our garden after mommy woodchuck and her two chucklets snacked on it. I expected a salvage operation, but things are actually looking pretty good. The string beans, carrots, and snow peas I planted in May were the first things to get eaten.  I’ll have to plant another crop of each, which is fine. The zucchini are a lost cause, as are the pumpkins. We had a week of rain when the cherries were blooming so we did not get a good crop; the fruit that did form was snatched up by the sparrows. However, most everything else is thriving. Observe:

One thing those woodchucks had no interest in was tomato plants. I imagine it is because of the smell. Since they did munch half my cucumber vines to the ground I let the tomato weeds pop up in their place. You can never have too many tomatoes when you can can tomatoes.

The three cucumber vines that survived are looking terrific. Each plant has plenty of blooms. I think this guy might be ready to pick later this week.

Speaking of tomatoes, the tomatoes I planted on purpose are looking excellent as well. Only a tiny blush on a few, but there are many green fruits and even more flowers coming. I had better stock up on canning jars.

The bigest surprise is the sweet corn. The woodchucks has no interest in it at all. It was, as they say, knee high on the 4th of July, now it is almost as tall as me. I am keeping an eye out for ears and tassels.

Like I mentioned above, the pumpkin plants are pretty much reduced to stumps. The watermelons, which are in the same raised bed, are uncompromised. I even spied a wee little melon today!

My herbs are also looking good; I have already harvested one big bunch of oregano to dry, and I should get some sage and parsley soon.

So many factors that affect a garden are out of the gardener’s control. Weather patterns, pests, even escaped chickens who don’t know any better than to take a dust bath on top of a pepper plant (yup, that happened) can foil the most experienced gardener. I was worried my gardening season might be over before it really began. I’ll have to (gasp!) buy my zucchini this August, but we will still have an overall successful year. What is going on in your garden? Share in the comments section!

PS: Yes, it’s been a while since I posted- I’ve been a little distracted with my new Purrsonal Assistant: D0ttMatriX. HOW ADORABLE IS SHE?!

Just loafing.