Trying to be Trendy: A Fluff Piece

Work on the 2020 Food It Yourself garden has been slow this week. The weather was working against me most days. Furthermore, last weekend’s yard work left me with a major case of poison ivy, so I’ve been stuffed full of steroids and allergy pills all week. In an effort to not fall asleep constantly, I decided to try one of this season’s trendiest food trends- whipped coffee.

Whipped coffee, Dalgona coffee, or beaten coffee is not too hard to make. It works on the same principle as an Italian style meringue, minus the egg whites. Sugar and hot water make a syrup that holds air bubbles, building the fluff. The acidity of the coffee makes the bubbles stable. Let me show you-

The recipe requires equal parts of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. I used two tablespoons of each. Remember to use a large bowl. You need air available to whip into the coffee, and you need room for the coffee fluff to expand.
I added 2 tablespoons of hot water from a boiling kettle and started my hand mixer. See that splatter? That is why you need a larger bowl. Not shown in this picture- a coffee mug half full of almond milk heating in the microwave. You can use any milk or milk substitute you prefer.
Well, that escalated quickly. After a minute or two the coffee syrup became a satiny fluff. The whipping can be done with a hand whisk, but it will take longer and use more elbow grease. I do not have that kind of energy right now.

Here is the completed coffee fluff sitting on top of hot almond milk. It was a little strong for my taste, so I’ll add more almond milk next time. The strength of the coffee was successful at counteracting the allergy pills, though. I have to admit I did not think this method would work so well or so easily. I am very pleasantly surprised.

This is not a style of coffee I would drink every day, mostly because of the sugar content. However, for an occasional indulgent caffeine fix I will definitely make this again. I am also pondering other uses for coffee fluff. It would make an interesting topping for a cheese cake, or for a dessert cocktail.

What new recipes have you tried, or invented, during this time of social distancing? Share in the comments!