So Much is Happening!

Oh my has it been busy here at Food It Yourself HQ. Mr. Food It Yourself and I have been rearranging our entire house in anticipation of a complete electrical rewire and upgrade. I wish I could quantify the amount of dust we have kicked up, swept up, vacuumed out, and inhaled in the past week and a half.

YUM! a few are cat-faced, but most are picture perfect globes, as the name suggested they would be.

I have not been ignoring the garden, however. We are in the thick of tomato season right now. When we went shopping for tomato seedlings the garden center had very little left in six-packs. Do not misunderstand, I am very happy that so many people are discovering the joy of gardening and that my local independently own and operated garden center is raking in the dollars this year. I managed to get two six-packs of “marglobe” tomatoes, a variety I knew nothing about. I have done a little research since I planted them and it turns out this variety is known to thrive in New England’s climate and is said to be “superb for canning”. Our experience is bearing that out, for sure!

This isn’t even all we have canned! I am so very happy with this variety.

Usually, we do not have enough tomatoes to can until September. We have been harvesting, canning, and devouring ripe marglobes since early August. They are so full of flavor that sauce made from them does not even need salt! We absolutely will grow this variety again.

Our other vegetables have completed their season already. We are waiting for one last pumpkin to ripen up, the other four are sitting patiently on the kitchen table. The sweet corn was an amazing success. Mr. Food It Yourself and I have no will power, however, and have already eaten all of the ears we froze. We regret nothing. The zucchini and cucumber vines, as well as the exhausted green bean plants have been pulled up.

But wait- there is still time before Old Man Winter stumbles into central Massachusetts. Behold:

We have started round two of green beans. Green beans are okay with cooler weather.
It is also round two for snow peas (for us), and kale (for the chickens).

As if all that wasn’t enough, we also have two new chickens in the Food It Yourself coop! Hennifer Aniston and Michelle Obrahma are light brahmas we purchased from a fellow chicken tender in town. Getting them integrated into the flock has taken much effort. I’ll spare you the details, but there were injuries; Michelle definitely earned the right to be named after a strong individual. We are still working on getting everyone to behave, but the situation is improving. Here is a video of the new kids:

Overall, we are having a wonderful season in the Food It Yourself garden. How has your season been? Please share the good, the bad, and the WTF?! in the comments.