Looking into Cooking

Like most everyone, there are some meals I cook regularly. Frequently prepared dinners in our house include sausage/pepper sandwiches, cauliflower & chickpea curry, and chicken pot pie. However, much to the dismay of Mr. Food It Yourself, I often like to shake things up at the dinner table. Where can a DIYeter turn for new and interesting recipes? I like the internet. As you must have discovered by now, the internet is a complicated place. There is good stuff and bad stuff; items useful and useless. There are lots of cat videos. There are also a plethora of cooking sites. Here are my favorite sites for recipes and food related inspiration.

The “Food” section of Instructables  This site is dedicated to doing things, making things, and sharing how to do it. The “Food” section offers recipes, methods, and even instructions for making cooking equipment. (Ever want to build a smoker?)The entries are submitted by fellow site users. You can even submit your own “ible” if you’d like. Be forewarned- this is a site you can get lost in for hours.

I have become quite the fan of Thug Kitchen.  The recipes are both unique and approachable. Best of all, the site has attitude. A lot of attitude. It is, in fact, not safe for work. Check it out on your own time, though, and you will not be disappointed.

Peas and Crayons is a pro-vegetable recipe site that is neither stuffy nor preachy. When my garden gives me too much of one good thing (i.e. zucchini)I turn to this site for inspiration. The recipe archives even has a section just for veggie burgers! There are also seafood and “T-Rex” (i.e. meat) categories. If you have a twitter account you can follow them at @PeasandCrayons

Speaking of veggies, if you are looking to increase your plant-based-food intake you really should check out Mollie Katzen’s site. She’s been reinventing meatless cooking for a few years, so she’s really god at it.

No DIYeter is an island. We need to share information and the internet is a great place for that. Where do you turn for inspiration in the kitchen? Share in the comments!