The Dinner With No Name

Mrs. S, my friend’s mother, taught me how to make this amazing vegetable side dish. She would serve it to us at sleep-overs, cook outs and camping trips. It is the most amazing thing ever. It is still one of my favorite dishes in the summer. Here is the recipe:

  • Some vegetables; try to include an onion if you have one
  • cheese
  • whatever else

Method: Slice all the vegetables and cook them in a skillet. Add cheese and whatever else you have. When the cheese melts, it is time to eat!

Here is what this looks like, if you want to give it a go yourself:

I like to sauté the onion a bit on it’s own first, then add the other veggies. Tonight, it was a zucchini, my first four ripe tomatoes, and a hand full of basil. I also had an egg with a cracked shell (membrane still intact). Figured I’d use that up. I can not lie to you, fellow DIYeters, I ate the whole pan myself! Please note that Mr. Food It Yourself was not hungry at the time, is not a huge fan of zucchini, and can absolutely cook for himself later. Do not worry about him.

The possibilities with this dish are endless. Any vegetables you have can be used. Any seasonings can be added to change things up. On a roll or in a pita it makes an excellent sandwich. Leave out the cheese and serve it over quinoa to make your vegan friends happy. Plate it up next to a steak and maybe your carnivore friends will eat a vegetable for once. Drizzle it with something fancy like truffle oil and tell all your fancy friends that this is how the Michelin Star Restaurants in [large city near you] are doing vegetables. There is no real recipe, so there is no right or wrong way to make it. That is the beauty of this dish. It will always be Just Right.

This quick, healthy, delicious dish has no name. Mrs. S. spent her summers as a teen working on a farm, and this is what they ate for dinner pretty much every night. It was a little bit of everything they harvested, cooked up and topped with cheese. I eat it frequently in the summer using my own harvest. What do you like to throw together for a DIY dinner? Share in the comments. No need to give the dish a name.