Say Cheese!

I am proud to announce that this week I checked the first item off the stock pot list and made cheese.  What’s even better is I didn’t have to buy fancy cheese cultures or rennet, just lovely lemons.  Here is a link to the basic lemon cheese recipe that I used, but there are plenty of similar recipes on this world-wide internet.

Here is the milk going into the stock pot. Be assured it will not be the same when it emerges.

I started with whole milk from a local dairy.

If you’re looking for a dairy near you try searching your area on Local Harvest.  I would like to mention an issue which frequently comes up when local dairy is discussed: raw milk.  Raw milk has both die-hard fans and sworn enemies. As with most topics, there is as much misinformation on the web as there is information.  If you are interested in learning about raw milk, I encourage you to read what the Centers for Disease Control says. 

Heating the milk slowly.
In goes the lemon juice, but not the lemon seeds.
The curds formed right before my eyes-magic!
Straining the whey from the curds.

I was impressed with the final result, and I think this will become a regular part of my DIYet.  I’m eager to try the same technique with 2% milk and perhaps even goat milk. Home-made cheese is delicious on toast or as the base for a cheesecake. Give it a try!

Here is the final product- a soft, spreadable cheese. Philadelphia’s got nothin’ on me.