I hate making pie crust.  I will go to extraordinary lengths to avoid making a regular pastry crust including, but not limited to the following: using biscuit dough to make cobbler, making a crumb crust, making turnovers with yeast dough, and simply eating the filling alone.  No matter how gently I try to incorporate the ingredients of typical pie dough I always end up with pastry the texture of Spanish leather.

However, my mother recently reminded me of the concept of a “pat in the pan” crust, which uses oil instead of butter or shortening and which does not need to be rolled out.  A quick internet search took me to a very easy recipe.

Here are the steps-

Mix the flour and salt:

Blog, pie 001

I used whole wheat flour, and it worked just fine!

Add the oil:

A fork is the perfect tool for this.

A fork is the perfect tool for this.

Add the water a little at a time- you might not need it all:

The colder the water the better!

The colder the water the better!

Then, ignore that pesky rolling pin and press the dough into your pie plate:

Hence the name "pat-in-the-pan" pastry.

Hence the name “pat-in-the-pan” pastry.

Finally, add the filling. I went with a quick cheeseburger pie, but any bottom-crust-only pie will work.  The crust was actually edible, and Mr. FoodItYourself was pleased.

It tastes as good as it looks.

It tastes as good as it looks.

The moral of this tale- when your skills fall short there is always a work-around that will keep you on your DIYet.  Get creative, investigate the possibilities, talk with your fellow food eaters- someone, somewhere has already solved the problem. If not, maybe you can be the pioneer.  Give it a try!