Chip Off the Old Squash

One zucchini, one slicer, a little salt, a grind of pepper, and some olive oil- I like all those things! How bad can zucchini chips be?

You did not actually think I would get through the month of August without a post dedicated strictly to zucchini, did you? This summer our DIYet has included zucchini bread, roasted zucchini, zucchini noodles, and even tacos made inside zucchini shells. Recently I heard about the concept of zucchini chips. Since my refrigerator is once again at maximum zucchini saturation, I decided I needed to try them!

Like most things, a brief internet search will show you far more zucchini chip recipes than you need. Here is a teeny sampling of what I found:

What do they all have in common? The most important points I saw between all the recipes I reviewed are:

  1. Even slices work better. I used a mandolin. I even managed to not hurt myself while doing so!
  2. Blot the extra moisture from the slices. It reduces cooking time.
  3. Every zucchini slice is unique. You may have to remove some slices before they burn and continue cooking others

Seems simple enough! I sliced, I blotted, I seasoned with salt and pepper and oiled lightly. I heated the oven and arranged the zucchini on silicone-lined baking trays. I checked the slices at intervals, rotating the trays between the upper and lower oven racks. I did it by the book, as they say. This is what I got.

The slices went from “not even close” to a combination of “still not there” and “charcoal briquette” in a matter of minutes. I was powerless to stop the catastrophe occurring in my kitchen. These are an offense to snacks everywhere! Was there a hot spot in my oven? (It’s pretty old, so that is a real possibility.) Were my baking sheets too thin? (They are also old, and quite thin.) All I know for sure is that I am glad these hideous things were compostable because that is where they went.

Never fear, DIYeters, there was plenty more zucchini where that one came from. Literally, I had two more in the refrigerator. After taking another look at my internet recipe results I noted that a dehydrator can also be used to make crispy treats from fresh squash. I have a dehydrator! Once I again I sliced and seasoned. I left out the oil from the seasoning, step this time. I lined my slices up on the dehydrator trays, flipped the switch and walked away for 12 hours.

As suggested by these “before” and “after” pictures this technique worked better for me. The slices were crunchy and, surprisingly, a little bit sweet. Honestly, they are no substitute for a snack pack of Wachussett salt and vinegar. However, they are a tasty snack in their own right. I am definitely adding chips to my rotation of zucchini applications.

I am always an advocate for trying new things. Sometimes new things require multiple trys to get right. What is the absolute worst new thing you have ever cooked? Share in the comments section. We promise to laugh with you,  not at you.