New to Me- Delectable Delicata!

So pretty!

I like retro stuff. I listen to retro style music. I like to shop at consignment stores that specialize in retro fashions.  Recently, a very retro style squash has come back to the foodie scene- the delicata squash. I first heard about this squash variety from a friend who was so smitten with its light, sweet taste she decided she had to grow her own.  I am now equally enthralled.

There are plenty of old school squash varieties – Hubbard, butternut, acorn, Gete Kosman, just to name a few. Why did the delicata not keep up? has the answer, and it is pretty simple. Delicata squash fell out of favor in the early 20th century because delicata is delicate. The vines were low-yielding and disease prone while the thin skin made shipping and keeping a little tricky.  In 2002, however, all that changed. The agricultural geniuses at Cornell University unveiled the Cornell’s Bush Delicata.   This variety boasts fungus resistance and a 100 day shelf life. I am very tempted to grow some myself next spring.

My favorite preparation? Super simple:

Slice in half, scoop out seeds.


Bake at 350F for 30-45 minutes, until tender when poked with a fork.


Use that poking fork to squish the squash. It tastes like acorn squash with a hint of popcorn. Yeah, it’s that good.

We all have our favorite foods, but every DIYet needs a good shake up now and then. If you are into squash the delicata is a great one to try. What is your favorite retro/old school/vintage dish? Share in the comments!