It Starts NOW

It is time to really get down to business regarding the Food It Yourself garden. The rhubarb I divided and trans planted is looking alive. This weekend I got the raised beds turned over. Also, I started my seeds this week.

There are plenty of crops I prefer to direct-sow. Cucumbers, zucchini, every kind of bean or pea, and corn all seem to pop up out of the ground quickly enough to make starting indoors unnecessary. I do want my luffa gourds, herbs, and mammoth sunflowers to get a head start. Also, I got those “thank you” tomato seeds from Baker Creek, so I feel obligated to at least try them. Starting tomatoes from seed is a hit-or-miss thing for me, but it can never hurt to try.

I am pretty sure I show you this every year, but I really like this little starter pot maker. I never have to buy starter pots, and it “upcycles” my grocery store circulars. That is a win-win in my book. I managed to fit 35 pots in my tray. I filled them pots and moistened the soil.

This is pretty much the most organized I ever get when gardening is involved. After getting my pots made and filled with starter soil, I labeled as many popsicle sticks as I had pots. This is when decisions were made about how many of each seed I would start. I think I made wise decisions. I placed the sticks in the soil-filled pots, then placed the right seeds in the right places.

So, those Russian Mammoth sunflower seeds live up to the name.

I also found a really neat Instructable that mentioned you can grow camomile by sprinkling a camomile tea bag on a pot of potting soil. I had a camomile tea bag, so I decided to try it. I drink a lot of tea. This could save me some money.

Mr. Food It Yourself has now rigged up some lights for the seedlings. Oh wait…I should show you.

Yeah, I planted seeds Wednesday and today (Sunday) the sunflowers are already sprouting. I am really impressed, to be honest.

I will keep all you loyal readers up to date as seedling emerge. I will also share that we are now T-10 days to acquiring chicks. There will absolutely be pictures when we pick them up. Until then, enjoy this video of Martha Clucker trying (and failing) to help me.

Spring is almost certainly here in central Massachusetts (there are no guarantees, but we are hopeful). My seeds have been started. I have plans to clean up the strawberry bed this week and maybe even thin and transplant my bee balm. This is when the real serious garden-related work starts in New England. It is work that I enjoy, however. I also enjoy sharing it with my fellow DIYeters. What is going on in your garden right now? share in the comments!