We Made Some Friends!

Today was Cookie Decorating Day! You know what that means- my sister, Syllie, and I decorated a batch of Moravian spice cookies. If you are new to this blog you might want to check out:

Click the links. They do not disappoint. This year Dad got involved in the decorating fun, too. It was an amazing day! As usual, there were plenty of gingerbread folk to decorate. That means we made some gingerbread folk friends. Would you like to meet them?

Dad was first to decorate a gingerbread folk. We told Dad he had to come up with a back story. It took a few minutes, but eventually it was determined that well-dressed Freddie here is the Maitre D’ at a restaurant. Don’t worry, Freddie didn’t see nothin’.
This is one of Syllie’s creations. Once again, Shirley From Accounting won the office ugly Christmas sweater contest. Man, Shirley is good at this!
This is Joe Sullivan. Joe is a New England Patriots fan. As you can see, the game is on because Joe is shouting at the television. (It is my understanding that this is what sports fans do…shout at the television.)
He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good, but… Hey! Stop moving, he has problems with depth perception! That is correct, Dad made a Santa Clopse.
I discovered that DJ Sparkle Pants is no longer the top DJ in Gingerbreadville. Meet DJ DadBod. Note his embarrassingly short jean shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and “super cool” red head phones. His latest hit to get the club jumping- a mash up of Ah-ha’s “Take On Me” and “Baby Shark”.
You know that Pintrest thing where you use an upside-down gingerbread folk cookie cutter to make a reindeer? Syllie discovered it works with any gingerbread folk cookie cutter. I really like this one.
Hannah is super trendy. Hanna thought wearing one of those trendy on-peice-romper-thingies to the office would be a great idea. She totally looks cute. However, now Hannah has to tinkle, and she is realizing the major flaw in her plan.
Someone had to do it…Dad made the zombie this year. GGRRRRRRRRRR.
Una tradicion, tambien…la galleta de los muertos.
Sharla Rittenbunk is the next big thing in snow bowling. It’s a combination of snow boarding and bowling, where they race down a hill on snow boards into large bowling pins. It’s totally extreme. Rumor has it that IsoSpaz Energy Drink is going to make her their new spokes person.
Chad is a life guard. Did you notice his banana hammock? Chad knows you noticed his banana hammock.
Finally, meet Alonzo and Emilio Garbanzo, also known as The Flying Garbanzo Brothers. Emilio is the one with the eye patch. Suffice to say porcupines do not belong in a trapeze act. They simply do not.

Baking, and goofing around, with my family is such a joy. Pretty please with a cherry on top make some time in this busy, blustery season to goof around with people you love. What food traditions does your family follow this time of year? Share in the comments!