My Stuff is GROWING!

The 2020 Food It Yourself garden is officially growing. I am so excited for the season. You all know the past few years have been difficult for our backyard garden beds. Woodchucks, squirrels, and other furry bandits have gotten more than their share of our veggies. Well, this year, Mr. Food It Yourself gave me the most wonderful early birthday present a DIYeter could ask for.

Check out my brand new electric fence. As you can see, not only will it keep evil bunny rabbits away from my salad fixings, but also wily foxes will be excluded from the chicken run. The fence manufacturer did note that this fence is not rated to control cows, bison, or bears. Thankfully, those animals have not been a problem for us, yet.

The flash means it’s working!

I am not going to lie, it was a little intimidating to set up an array of netting and fiberglass poles that carry electrical shocks up to 7000 volts. However, these systems are designed to be installed by homeowners. As long as you follow the directions they are pretty fool proof. Bonus- I got a major arm workout pounding the 3 grounding rods into the ground. Mr. Food It Yourself has already spotted a skunk getting “repelled” by the fence.

What will this fence protect? I planted snow peas, bok choy and kale in one raised bed, and they are doing very well. We are just starting to see seedling cucumbers, zucchini, corn, and string beans pop up in the other raised beds. Our transplanted pumpkins and tomatoes have taken well, also. And just look at Pear-Kun! (Yes, I named him. Yes it is a him. When he starts bearing fruit we will start calling him Pear-San) This picture is a few days old; he has even more leaves now. I am so happy he survived the insane weather this spring.

I will keep you all posted on garden events as they develop. I tried something a little different with crop spacing this year. Also, I selected some tomato varieties I have not tried before. I just wanted to share my hopeful feelings for this year. We could all use some hope these days, am I right?

I can almost smell the pickle brine! Hurry up, little cucumbers.

What have you planted so far this year? Share in the comments!