My Cunning Plan…

The Food It Yourself garden is progressing as planned, in great part to our electric fence. Indeed, the evil woodchucks have once again ousted the gentle skunk from the prime real estate under our garage. The magic of Galvanism has kept them at bay, however. I owe such thanks to Mr. Food It Yourself for this supremely practical birthday present.

As I mentioned before, I am using a slightly different planting scheme this year. I have opted for a more “production” plan this year. The economy is tanked, food is expensive and seeds are a thrifty option.

Raised bed 1: That’s bok choy on the left, snow peas in the middle and kale on the right. How happy do they all look? I really expected to just feed the kale to the chickens, but I am thinking I might try to get over my dislike of kale. I am taking any and all suggestions for non-gross kale recipes. Please respond in the comments section.

Raised bed 2: This is the bed that received all the coop litter last season. It is currently growing pumpkins (heavy feeders that are loving the chicken poop), a couple sun flowers, and some overflow bok choy. By the time the pumpkins are big and producing, the bok choy will be long gone.

Raised bed 3: sweet corn. The sweet corn will be ripe and eaten/in the freezer by mid August. After the corn is harvested this bed will hold a fall planting of bok choy and maybe kale. Maybe, I still might hate kale. No promises have been made.

Raised beds 4&5: Tomatoes and carrots. Again, by the time the tomatoes are really big the early carrots will be harvested. As you can see by the large divots in the dirt, however, the chickens took dust baths that squashed my carrot sprouts. I replanted the carrots. Late carrots will be planted in Raised bed 1 after the greens currently there are harvested. Oh yes, I have thought this through.

Raised bed 6: zucchini and string beans. I have already instigated a moratorium on store bought zucchini as I hope for way too much from these plants. Again, the fast growing beans should be a memory by the time I am leaving zucchini on random neighbors’ porches. I cannot wait. Look out neighborhood- you will get summer squashed!

Raised beds 7&8: cucumbers and more string beans. Last year I found this great recipe for pickled bean salad. I want enough beans to make some. I also want pickles. Mr. Food it Yourself wants pickles. This will be the year of pickles! So, I planted a lot of pickling cucumbers.

So, that is my plan- to maximize output of my small property. I am enormously privileged to have a yard to plant in, so I am using every available inch. I will certainly keep all my fellow DIYeters informed about my success with the plan noted above. What are you doing to maximize your DIYet this season? Share in the comments!