Easy Freezy Greeny Beanzies

The last couple of weeks have been hectic here at Food It Yourself HQ. I made time for an excellent green bean harvest, though. I want to share how I prepped them for the freezer. I know you’re busy, too, but this will be really quick, I promise.

First, the beans must be picked. The variety is “Provider”, I think it is an apt name, indeed!
After a good wash, I snapped the ends off the beans. The beans were so snappy and tender I would almost call them brittle. Is that from the cool weather? I do not know.
Just out of curiosity, I put the trimmed beans on the kitchen scale. That is almost two and a half pounds of home grown deliciousness.
Next, the beans took a quick boil-Just a minute or two, until the color turned vivid green. This was followed by a thorough chill in ice water to stop the cooking action. This process is known as “blanching”. It will help preserve the quality of the beans in the freezer.
After a good blot dry, the beans got bagged and labeled for the freezer. Remember to include the date and the weight.

That’s all it took! These beans will definitely appear on the Thanksgiving dinner table. I love being able to stock up with veggies I grew myself. This season we had a truly exceptional bounty.

What were some of your top performers in the garden this year? Share in the comments section.